Aura have recently invested in a quantity of QSC K8 powered speakers. Primarily added for corporate work, these small but impressively versatile speakers can be used for a wide range of events.

Managing Director of Aura, Damon Oldacre said 'For an 8" speaker, they cover an impressive range of frequencies with depth and precision making them an ideal addition to the hire stock. With useful features such as the built in pole tilt enabling the speaker to be angled down without having to add an adaptor onto the speaker stand, they really are incredibly versatile, and being powered, they are completely self contained negating the need for a separate amplifier.'

We were given the opportunity to demo the QSC range with our supplier and the decision was made to invest in stock of K8 with KW122 and KW181 to follow in the next few weeks.

QSC K8 Speaker Hire

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